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Wonderous Wool       Lovely Luscious Lambs 
5247 Plateau Road  Vale  NC  28168

Welcome to Windy Wool Windings 
Home of Wonderous Wool and Lovely Luscious Lambs
Located in the piedmont of North Carolina, we offer both purebred Montadale sheep and crossbreeds.  We are just starting a flock of Romeldale/CVM's.  We have fleeces, roving, yarns, weavings for sale as well as some breeding stock, market lambs and lamb for your freezer. We are a small flock so we can dedicate our offerings to being the very best. 

We are located 15 miles south west of Hickory, North Carolina just off I-40. We live on a dairy and poultry farm on the last mountain peak before you start into the rest of North Carolina. The sheep produce both white and natural colors of fleece and roving. The fleeces are considered to be fine or down fleeces. They have a very fine, tiny crimp with a low level of lanolin which means cleaning them requires much less time and effort. All the sheep wear coats to keep the fleeces as clean as possible. The flock is raised on grass, hay and very little grain. None of the sheep are fed any artificial additives. Most of the lambs average 100 lbs by the time they are 5 months old. 

Want to ask us about our sheep, their fleeces and other products?

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Windy Wool Windings 5247 Plateau Road Vale NC 28168